The Design Ward is the brainchild of Pam and Dan Ward.
Pam is a designer with a passion for defining the personality of a brand. She has an uncanny knack for finding beauty in simplicity. Like many designers, Pam enjoys thinking about details like texture, weight, and tooth. However, unlike many designers, she understands they don't mean squat without a good idea. Dan's expertise lies in client communication, strategy and brand execution. By listening and understanding the client's needs, he is able to take their vision, and make it a reality.
Since 1992, this mix of artistic integrity and market awareness has proven to be a great formula for client success.

Anderson Pool Works, Inc
Apex Environmental Services, Inc
Axis Automation

Bell Marketing Group
Commercial Design Systems, Inc
Devine Colors
Digimarc Corporation
Dunthorpe Marketing Group
Eid Passport, Inc
Erin Isle Construction

Finneran & Haley Paint Co
Fisher Roofing

FMC Foodtech, Inc
Franz Bakery
Hartmann & Forbes, LLC

Integra Telecom, Inc
Lewis & Clark Bank
Miller Paint Co
Multiscan Technologies

Newport Dental Spa
Northwest Dream Homes
Northwest Primary Care
Old Car Partz
Park Academy

Planar Systems, Inc
Pottery Distributors

PPM Technologies
PT Northwest, LLC
Radisys, Inc
Raptor Ridge Winery
Riverside Homes
Safeway Northwest Credit Union
Samson Sports

Sequent Computer Systems
Serena Software, Inc
Springbrook Software, Inc
S.R. Smith

The Oregon Clinic
Willakenzie Winery
Wirecache, Inc

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